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Turning of the Seasons by flamingchibi
Turning of the Seasons
So, since there was a free nighttime painting event on campus, and I had nothing else to do tonight, I decided to go down and get some much-needed painting practice in. 
And because it just turned October, I suppose my hand wanted me to use oranges, reds and brown for the majority of the palette. Hooray!
I imagine this guy to be a king who reigns over a season, most likely autumn, and it is now his time to rule the realm of Fae. 
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Assorted tracks from Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Reading: Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition Player's Guide
  • Watching: A blank Word screen
  • Playing: Cards Against Humanity, Cheaty Mages, etc.
  • Eating: Diabetes-inducing birthday cake
  • Drinking: Water
...Or, my 23rd birthday.
Yep, I turn another year older and my friends are trying to kill me with pure diabetes (a chocolate Reeses cake), late night diner runs, and Cards Against Humanity where the goal was to not loose to a stuffed orca plush. You guys are the best.

Then there's the massive present which the boyfriend spoiled me rotten with, which resulted in half of a Warhammer army being bought and some Games Workshop paint for my collection of Dryads and their druid leader. Second part to this gift is to come in the mail and I shall not reveal what it is in the case that my other gamer friends would get massively jealous. 

Regardless, I am 23 years old, a student in her senior year of college. Let us see how the next several months go, I'll drink to that. Cheers! 

- Faith 
For SirTiefling by flamingchibi
For SirTiefling
Part of an art trade with :iconsirtiefling:, who really wanted his Tiefling character Giosha drawn. Now, I have a Tiefling character as well, so an excuse to draw horns and wispy tails makes Faith a happy artist indeed. 

Giosha the Warlock belongs to SirTiefling
Tieflings belong to Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons and Dragons)
Faun Hooves Complete by flamingchibi
Faun Hooves Complete
I attempted to make myself digigrade faun legs but that failed spectacularly. So, as my backup, I just made the hooves out of some old sneakers I had laying around, leftover foam from the leg attempt and crappy white felt that was gathering dust in the corner. Now, they have all done the Fusion Dance and with some hard work and lots of hot glue, have been transformed into clippy-cloppy-stompy faun hooves. 

Servant to the Archfey by flamingchibi
Servant to the Archfey
Wow, I haven't uploaded anything up on here in a LONG while!. Let me change that with a (somewhat) recent painting I made while my college semester was in progress!

My friends know me as a total nerd, with a love for Dungeons and Dragons. But any of my watchers would know that too from previous gallery posts. Here though is my only decent picture of a favorite character: Nyxtari, the Tiefling Warlock whose pact is with the Archfey. She has a tiny Pseudodragon familiar who now can shoot lasers out of a cannon and has been deemed "the real MVP" by the party for casting Cure Wounds and therefore saving the party Wizard and Druid on many occasions from certain death. 

This was done in crappy acrylic paints that the college provided so it's not the greatest quality but I'm very pleased with how it was done in two hours time. Whew!
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Listening to: Assorted tracks from Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Reading: Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition Player's Guide
  • Watching: A blank Word screen
  • Playing: Pokemon X, while everyone has the new versions
  • Drinking: Tears
Sometimes I wish I could know what not crying every night feels like. And it doesn't have to be anything serious, it just washes over my like tidal waves and ceases to stop. 
I just  find more ways to make myself hurt, and then try to find ways to validate them. I know that I AM the cause for my suffering and my emotions. I know I need to stop but I don't know if I even want to stop myself from mental mutilation. 
Not easy to write out, because I dont even know how to properly explain what Im feeling. You would think a Writing Arts major would be able to comprehend her words more clearly. The crippling negativity that is chronic and always present in the back of my head or an annoying itch from a clothing tag you forgot to rip off. 
Sometimes a shorter journal entry is better. I'm not sure what in life is for the best. 

- Faith 


flamingchibi's Profile Picture
Faith, A Girl Stuck Eternally in Faerie-Land
United States
- Place of Residence: USA, Earth, Milky Way
- Amateur Cosplayer, Dragon Artist, Perpetual Weirdo

Good day, boys and girls of every age! The name is Faith, or 'flaminngchibi', as you may like to call me by.

What to know about me?
- Self-taught artist who mostly draws dragons and Celtic art. Mostly.
- I take commissions for the two said topics above.
- I do some cosplay, which I constantly am thinking of and trying to attempt doing despite being in college.
- My favorite game, hands-down, is Okami. If you'd ever like to talk about said game, please Note me! Second most liked game is the Kingdom Hearts series.
- Anime Preference: Ayakashi Mononoke, Black Butler, Fairy Tail

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Today's been tough though. Last day I get to see my good friends over here before I go away, and I'm hurting all over because that also means I wont see my boyfriend for a while....
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